with Stanton Peele and Archie Brodsky

by Dee (Dolores Cloward)

Saturday, October 13, 2018
5:00 PM EDT

Free Registration: www.smartrecovery.org/events

About This Webinar

I am very pleased to share that Stanton Peele and Archie Brodsky will join us at SMART Recovery, Saturday, October 13, for our Fall Special Event Webinar to discuss love and relationships, specifically, in the context of addiction.

Anyone, like me, who has ever questioned the established wisdom on drinking, drugs, behavior issues, what addiction does and does not look like, or felt confused by attempts to categorize them as addicts when that really felt extreme and punitive and shame-based and somehow untrue, or was prescribed treatment that simply did not make sense to them, will find real-life heroes in Stanton Peele and Archie Brodsky.

In 1975, with their ground-breaking book, Love and Addiction, they opened the door to wide-ranging affirmative possibilities in understanding addiction and framing ways to better approach treatment and support. Then, for the next 40+ years, they fought like crazy to be heard; finally, they are beginning to see the fruits of those labors in the real world landscape.

Behavioral issues, like gambling, seem different than what we think of as addiction to drugs and alcohol. However, gambling is now fully recognized as an addiction, and gaming is starting to be as well.

The idea that love or a relationship can be addictive is startling at first glance. Dr. Peele poignantly illustrates how this process can work in a somber but gripping article just featured by Psychology Today, about Anthony Bourdain.

Dr. Peele and Mr. Brodsky approach the world of addiction from a broad lens, so I am quite sure the conversation will be thought-provoking and fascinating. These two gentlemen have been friends and colleagues for over 50 years! Both are giants in this field of addiction. Having the opportunity to listen in and engage with them is going to be a real treat!

And one more time: Don’t forget to register!!! Seats will go fast for this!! www.smartrecovery.org/events. We hope to see everyone there!

About Our Presenters

Stanton Peele, Ph.D., J.D., is a seminal figure in the field of addiction and recovery. Dr. Peele is a pioneer in applying addiction concepts to include self-cure, harm reduction, and social-environmental causes of addiction. His online Life Process Program has been developed to extend availability of treatment by leveraging technology. Since publication of Love and Addiction, he has written twelve books and over 250 professional and popular articles and continues to lecture internationally on the meaning, treatment, and future of addiction.

Archie Brodsky is co-founder of the Program in Psychiatry and the Law at Harvard Medical School. In addition to Love and Addictionhe has co-authored 15 books, including The Truth about Addiction and Recovery (with Stanton Peele), Preventing Boundary Violations in Clinical Practice,and Clinical Supervision in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling. Mr. Brodsky is on the board of directors of The Influence Foundation, which recently launched the website Filtermag.org to advocate for rational and compassionate approaches to drug use, drug policy, and human rights. He is a former chair of the Human Rights Committee at Massachusetts Mental Health Center.

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