Young Adult Outreach Program

youth counselor with young adultDo you work with or support young adults dealing with addiction in an educational or support setting, such as a school or university (CRC), or another community-based organization (CBO or RCO)?

SMART Recovery would like to assist you in making our science-based, religion-neutral approach to addiction recovery support available for your school, CBO, or university by providing our training to your volunteers or staff at a significantly reduced rate.

As a non-profit, we understand that making programs available is a challenge with a limited budget... and we'd like to help.

Those wishing to offer SMART Recovery meetings for young adults can be trained for a $35 registration fee (normally $75), and once trained and registered, your organization will be able to order our handbooks at a discounted rate as well.

Our 3rd Edition Handbook is designed for a wide audience, including young adults.

For even younger people, we offer an addiction recovery handbook written specifically for young teens (and even pre-teens.)

What Others Say About SMART Recovery Facilitator Training

  • “Super course! Well-constructed in its flow and organization, the resources are excellent, and the encouraging feedback was much appreciated. The course was challenging enough to require participants to work hard and be consistent in their study, but manageable and fun..." _RickyLew

  • "I am a full time student, so I understand how important well put together classes are the learning process. Yours was very structured and organized and I could tell it was put together by professionals and from lots of experience."  _Norine Mercer

    “I would just like to say "WOW'! I was impressed with the quality of the training." _Scott McKenzie

It’s our desire to partner with various organizations to bring young people throughout the world the support they deserve. Our staff and training team are available to brainstorm ways our organizations can collaborate to benefit young people in recovery.

Let’s work together to reach and benefit the maximum number of young lives. Give us a call at 440-951-5357 or contact us to learn more.

Together, We Can Change Young Lives!


Parents and siblings who won’t endure years of pain observing their family member progress through years of addiction.

The future partner, who will benefit from a solid and healthy relationship.

A child who grows up in a loving and addiction-free home.

Friends and colleagues who won’t feel torn or at a loss about how to help their loved one.

Support SMART Recovery's Youth Initiatives with your US tax-deductible donation.

SMART Recovery is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Your generous gift helps train more youth leaders, and supports our outreach programs to make our no-stigma, religion-neutral empowering approach available to more young adults. You can make an immediate difference for many young adults as they navigate their way through the challenges facing them today.

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What is SMART Recovery?

SMART stands for...

• Self
• Management
• And
• Recovery
• Training

SMART Recovery is a self-help program* that offers a friendly, non-judgmental community where participants can explore new ways of coping with the thinking and the hassles that can lead to addictive behaviors.

SMART Recovery is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides 1500+ free, donation-requested meetings each week.

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Key Points of the SMART Recovery Program

- Non 12-step based (religion-neutral)
- Provides tools for all stages of recovery
- Accepted by many courts as required meeting attendance
- Topic-based meetings, which encourage discussion
- Peer support
- Run by qualified SMART Facilitators
- Supported by professional Volunteer Advisors
- SMART Recovery is recognized by NIDA and other agencies

The SMART Recovery 4-Point Program™

SMART Recovery approaches addiction with a 4-Point Program that uses a variety of tools and techniques:

Point 1- Building and Maintaining Motivation

This is where you find your REASONS to change, and the motivation to keep going!

Point 2- Coping With Urges

Urges happen! We provide tools to deal with these urges and understand why you have them. You can learn to control your responses to urges or even forget about them completely.

Point 3- Managing Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors

Our tools explain effective ways of dealing with sadness, anger, and other upsets, instead of using.

Point 4- Living a Balanced Life

Learn to maintain your sobriety by figuring out what's important to you, setting goals, and finding healthy interests to ultimately live a balanced and satisfying life.


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Let's work together to help young adults in your area find the addiction recovery that's "right" for them!


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