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Dr. Nicole Kosanke from the Center for Motivation and Change (CMC)

Friday, July 8th, 8:00PM EDT


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Dr. Nicole Kosanke from the Center for Motivation and Change (CMC) who will join us to discuss:

How Family & Friends Can Help Fuel Recovery
Friday evening, July 8, 2016
8:00 PM EDT

The event will focus on the issues faced by those whose partners or other adult loved ones may be having trouble with addiction.  The discussion will be open, friendly and informal, and packed with information, reassurance, and exciting new ways to think about our interactions with those we love in order to be truly helpful. The CRAFT approach, focusing on kindness and compassion rather than coercion, tough love or aggressive confrontation, is refreshing, hopeful and proven by science!

SMART Recovery is a big fan of the work of the Center for Motivation and Change in New York City. We highly recommend the book Beyond Addiction, co-authored by Dr. Kosanke and her colleagues at the CMC, to everyone who comes to us looking for help for Family & Friends.  We are especially pleased that we will be hearing from Dr. Kosanke, as it will be her very first time appearing as our guest.

Center for Motivation and ChangeNicole Kosanke, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist the Director of Family Services at the Center for Motivation and Change, where she specializes in working with family members of people abusing substances and in the assessment process for families and individuals with substance abuse issues.

Dr. Kosanke has been working in the research and clinical practice of substance abuse treatment for many years and recently co-authored an award-winning book called Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change that is a compassionate and science-based family guide for navigating the addiction treatment world, understanding motivation, and training in the use of CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) skills.

If you’d like a little bit of advance summer reading, start here: for partners, and join us at SMART’s Friends & Family Forum and our meetings, too. More information is available at SMART here:

SMART Recovery is delighted to make this FREE Special Event Webinar available to our extended facilitator, professional and support communities, as well as to the general public. We look forward to seeing you there.