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Join Our Team of Volunteers

The success of SMART Recovery depends on the help of an amazing network of volunteers teaching and spreading the word about the SMART Recovery program all across the globe.

SMART volunteers hold a variety of roles, including facilitator, online facilitator, board member, committee members and more. These volunteers have a diversity of backgrounds, including treatment professionals, family and/or friends of someone with addiction, individuals who are in long term recovery. What they have in common is a desire to help others along their journey.

We would love to have you on our team. Please continue reading for more information on how you can become involved in SMART Recovery.

Overview of SMART Recovery Volunteer Options

Local Volunteering with SMART Recovery

Local SMART Recovery Facilitators serve as a vital resource for people in their communities looking for relief from addictive behaviors. These volunteers often grow into a role of ambassador, providing information to local doctors, courts, and community. We need your help to fight this addiction epidemic!

Read inspiring stories from people who have started a SMART Recovery meeting in their communities.

We are grateful for new volunteers who launch SMART Recovery meetings throughout the world. Please click here to learn more about becoming a local volunteer and/or facilitator.

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Online Volunteering with SMART Recovery

Well over 4,000 individuals register for our online activities each month, requiring capable volunteers who share the program and tools in our online community.

We welcome new online facilitators, 24/7 Chat, and Message Board Volunteers to meet our growing needs. Please click here to learn more about becoming a SMART Recovery Online (SROL) volunteer.

Download This Helpful Guide: Becoming a SMART Facilitator

Download the first chapter of our Facilitator’s Manual to learn more about SMART Recovery and becoming a SMART Facilitator.

Our Volunteer Trainings & Offerings

We have various training program courses and offerings depending on the specific volunteer role you are seeking. Please visit our training website at to explore and review our offerings. For questions about which training program is right for you, please contact us at [email protected].

Meeting Host Training – Providing a meaningful SMART Recovery meeting is easier than you think! You provide the location; we provide the meeting outline, structure, and the topics for discussions. Read more.

Facilitator Training – In our most popular training course, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive review of the SMART Recovery 4-Point Program, the SMART Recovery tools… and MORE! Read more.

Family & Friends Training – An “add-on” to the Facilitator training, this additional training is for those desiring to provide a support group for those having a loved one with an addictive behavior. Read more.

Facilitator/Family & Friends Training – This “combo” package combines the prerequisite GSF 201: Facilitator Training and the GSF 202: Family & Friends Training add-on training into a single training course offering. Read more.

SMART Recovery for Professionals – Designed for licensed health care professionals who wish to use SMART Recovery’s self-empowering, evidence-based 4-Point Program® and Tools in their profession role and with their patients. Read more.

Onsite Training – We offer various training opportunities offered via Zoom for groups of 10 or more.  Onsite trainings can range from 2-3 days and can combine a group of licensed and unlicensed individuals. Read more.

Young Adult Outreach Initiative – Do you work with or support young adults dealing with addiction in an educational or support setting such as a college, school, or other community-based organization? Read more.

Group Training Rates & Discounts

Our discounts start with 2, so grab a friend or colleague to join with you!

Our group rates kick in when 5 or more individuals register, so Get SMART together. More people = more savings. Learn more.

Training Scholarships

We offer student discounts and training scholarships. Learn more.

We offer Military and First Responders discounts and training scholarships. Learn more.

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