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Congratulations on your initiative to start a local SMART meeting and work as a leader in your community.

SMART Recovery Facilitators provide a vital local resource for people looking for relief from all sorts of addictive behaviors and many times also act as an ambassador to other local resources, such as doctors, courts, and the broader local community.

SMART Meetings - recovery from drug abuse, alcoholism, alcohol abuse and other addictions

SMART Recovery provides the resources to assist you.

We provide:

– Freely downloadable Meeting Facilitator Manuals
– On-line training sessions for Meeting Facilitators
– Regional Coordinators are available to help (some areas pending)
– The Central Office staff is ready to assist you

Help make a difference.

We believe that collectively we can meet the ever-growing demand for SMART Recovery meetings. Join our team of volunteers who make those meetings possible.

Be inspired.

Read inspiring stories from people who have started a SMART Recovery meeting in their community.

Get Trained!

Get trained and get started in making a difference in your community!

SMART Recovery Training Signup

Are you a treatment provider looking at to start a meeting? See our Addiction Professionals page.

Stories from those who’ve made a difference.

“From a SMART Recovery perspective, I was fortunate to live in Massachusetts as there were seventeen face-to-face meetings here open to the public. Some states don’t have any. Living in Taunton, the closest meeting to me was in Plymouth, nearly a twenty-five mile drive. The time had come to change that.

“One of the main reasons my recovery journey was staying on smoother roads was SMART Recovery teachings and meetings. I volunteered to become a meeting facilitator, both to give something back and to reinforce my motivation to stay on the right path.

“I attended the January 2008 distance facilitator training. What works for me is that I do not purport to be a professional in the field of addictive behavior. I advise newcomers that I know a few things about SMART Recovery, but not all things. Anyone attending our meeting has the opportunity to share with other participants their successes and tribulations in recovery. I regularly remind members that the meeting belongs to them and we can all help each other learn. We must be doing something right as people keep coming back!”

Charlie Cardoza , SMART Recovery Taunton


“Considering how much we pay for the necessities and luxuries of our ‘modern’ existence, it’s incredible that something as life-altering as SMART Recovery is FREE! And given the current economic situation, the need for it is greater than ever.

“That’s why it’s a pleasure and a privilege to help keep SMART Recovery available to others. Facilitating is fun, rewarding, and a lot easier than you think. Looking back, it’s a very natural progression from first meeting to first facilitation. If you’ve ever considered trying it yourself, there’s no reason to hold back — jump on in!”

John M., SMART Recovery NYC®

“I have often read that providing service to others is one of the highest forms of living. There are a very large number of individuals around the world who need to resolve addictive behavior. SMART Recovery provides tools that will work for many of them. The tools often work quickly. Although I don’t get to see many “instant” recoveries, I do get to see many moments when it is obvious someone has made a significant step forward. I also get to see people over time, and the enormous changes they can make in as little as a few weeks or months.

“I feel privileged to be included by them in the changes they are making. There is little I find more satisfying than knowing that I have contributed to these changes.”

Tom Horvath, President, SMART Recovery

“I got railroaded into becoming a facilitator and it was the best thing I ever did! Not only do I enjoy being a facilitator, but I also get the opportunity to concentrate just a little bit harder on my own recovery. Actually, I was not railroaded but, my significant other wanted a SMART Recovery location…one in our rural Nevada area and we didn’t have any…so I decided to facilitate one and help us grow.

“Come grow with us!”

CJ Gueldner, Dayton, Nevada



Are You Interested in Online Volunteering?

Well over 1000 individuals per month register for our online activities. This requires an active crew of capable volunteers on hand to share the program and tools in our various venues. We’d love to have you join us!

Here’s some information about each of the current volunteer opportunities:

Online Meeting Facilitator: SMART Recovery Online meetings provide a vital service to individuals throughout the world who don’t currently have a SMART Recovery meeting in their community, as well as an added resource to attend meetings during days and times when local meetings are unavailable. Our trained facilitators are amazing! We offer text-only meetings as well as voice meetings – you’ll select the venue of your choice.

Message Board Volunteer: With over 7,800 posts on our vibrant message boards each month, a multitude of volunteers are needed to ensure that individuals receive a warm welcome, and guidance to tools and services. Our trained message board volunteers work together to ensure that everyone who posts in one of the many forums and threads obtains helpful assistance and a thoughtful welcome.

24/7 Chat Room: As individuals arrive on SROL’s shores, they often benefit from having a friendly place to “hang out” in a safe and welcoming place to chat with others. The chat room conversations aren’t always about recovery – you’ll often find people chatting about the book they’re reading, or a new recipe, or their favorite movie. That’s good and beneficial. But if the chat is not recovery-oriented, and someone arrives in the room in crisis, our trained chat volunteers help to turn the conversation to the topic of recovery, and reach out with tools and ideas to provide assistance to the individual.

Each of the above-noted areas has a position description with additional information. Those are available to you when you register for SMART Recovery Online, which you can do here, or from our SMART Recovery website home page.

A Word About the Training for Online Volunteers

Each of our online volunteers receives the benefit of participating in our GET SMART FAST Distance Training. Our online meeting facilitators will benefit from additional online training specific to the online venue. You’ll find one of our existing online facilitator’s helpful as you co-facilitate 6 meetings, then facilitate 6 meetings with a co-facilitator before moving forward with your own meeting date and time.

Support abounds for all of our SMART Recovery volunteers. In addition to the FAST Distance Training, there are three monthly ongoing training opportunities for our volunteers. These include:

• Tool Training meetings on the first Saturday of every month at 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

• Advanced Facilitator Training on the last Saturday of every month at 3:00 PM Eastern Time. Facilitated by Tom Horvath, President, and BOD members Lorie Hammerstrom and Brett Saarela.

• Fresh Start: Facilitator Support: 2nd Monday of the month at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

• After you register for SMART Recovery Online, do be sure to visit here for the descriptions for each position. You’ll also find a link to volunteer for each of the positions on that page.

Questions About Online Volunteering?

Contact our Central Office via email. We’ll introduce you to an online volunteer to help ensure your questions are answered by a trained SMART Recovery Online volunteer.

Thanks! With the ever-growing demand for more meetings and online activities, your time and talent will be put to good use! And we’re confident that you’ll find it a highly rewarding experience.


Volunteer Resources and Library

Welcome SMART Recovery Volunteers!

This page includes volunteer resources to help you register, conduct, and promote your meeting as well as links to articles on passing the hat, what to avoid, worksheets and handouts as well as other material and resources.

You’ll also find a form for submitting your own materials as a suggestion to be added here or elsewhere on the site.

Professional volunteers will find helpful specific information at the bottom of the page.

Meeting Registration and Meeting Change Form

Starting a new meeting? Get registered to be included in the online database of meetings, or update information about your meeting here with the Volunteer Registration Form (VRF):

Meeting Registration and Change Form (New online form, saves time)


Meeting Resources

Online Meeting Opening and Closing
(Copy and paste from this link when facilitating online. For voice, click the PDF icon to print.)

Face-to-Face Meeting Opening

Recommended Meeting Outline

Ground Rules for Meetings

Attendance Verfication Form

Passing the Hat: Raising Standards

Promote Your Meeting

Get Promotional Materials Including Brochures and Handouts (link to Promotional page)

Social Networking for Facilitators. Raise awareness of your meeting via social networking!

Meeting Flyer (More flyers are available on the Promotional page)

Court Outreach Materials (Courts page)

Video – Social Media for Facilitators and Champions

Also, see our Facebook Guidelines page for more on Social Media with SMART.

Facilitator Reference

Facilitator Code of Conduct

Facilitating Made Simple

An Overview of Peer Helping

Matching Tools to the Stages of Change

What We Don’t Know and What We Can’t Promise

REBT ABC Emotional Disturbances

One-Minute ABC For Meeting Facilitators

Avoiding Facilitator Traps

The Dreaded Deadzone

Suicide Prevention

Toolbox Worksheets and Handouts

Introduction to SMART Thinking

Tool #1: Change Plan Worksheet

Tool #2: Cost/Benefit Analysis

Tool #3:ABC’s of REBT #1 (Urge Coping)

Tool #4: ABC’s of REBT #2 (Emotional Upsets)

Tool #5: DISARM

Tool #6: Brainstorming

Tool #7: Role Playing

Tool #8: USA (Unconditional Self-Acceptance)

Tool #9: HOV (Hierarchy of Values)

Other Resources

Using Motivational Interviewing in SMART Recovery

Information on Motivational Interviewing (off-site link)

Suggested Guidelines for Awareness and Relaxation Techniques

Slideshows and Presentations

Basics of REBT (PDF)

Basics of REBT (PowerPoint)

Introduction to SMART Recovery


The ABCs

Matching Blank Presentation Template

Submit New Materials

Do you have materials you believe would be helpful for others? Submit them here.

Materials Submittal for Review and Inclusion

Meeting Door Signs

Help attendees find your meeting room with these ready to print 8.5 x 11″ PDFs.


For Professionals

Being a Volunteer Advisor for SMART Recovery®

For Professionals

Blog Posts

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