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Welcome SMART Recovery Volunteers!

This page includes volunteer resources to help you register, conduct, and promote your meeting as well as links to articles on passing the hat, what to avoid, worksheets and handouts as well as other material and resources.

You’ll also find a form for submitting your own materials as a suggestion to be added here or elsewhere on the site.

Professional volunteers will find helpful specific information at the bottom of the page.

Meeting Registration and Meeting Change Form

Starting a new meeting? Get registered to be included in the online database of meetings, or update information about your meeting here with the Volunteer Registration Form (VRF):

Meeting Registration and Change Form (New online form, saves time)


Meeting Resources

Online Meeting Opening and Closing
(Copy and paste from this link when facilitating online. For voice, click the PDF icon to print.)

Face-to-Face Meeting Opening

Recommended Meeting Outline

Ground Rules for Meetings

Attendance Verfication Form

Passing the Hat: Raising Standards

Promote Your Meeting

Get Promotional Materials Including Brochures and Handouts (link to Promotional page)

Social Networking for Facilitators. Raise awareness of your meeting via social networking!

Meeting Flyer (More flyers are available on the
Promotional page)

Court Outreach Materials (Courts page)

Video – Social Media for Facilitators and Champions


Facilitator Reference

Facilitator Code of Conduct

Facilitating Made Simple

An Overview of Peer Helping

Matching Tools to the Stages of Change

What We Don’t Know and What We Can’t Promise

REBT ABC Emotional Disturbances

One-Minute ABC For Meeting Facilitators

Avoiding Facilitator Traps

The Dreaded Deadzone

Suicide Prevention

Toolbox Worksheets and Handouts

Introduction to SMART Thinking
Facilitator Notes

Tool #1: Change Plan Worksheet

Tool #2: Cost/Benefit Analysis

Tool #3:ABC’s of REBT #1 (Urge Coping)

Tool #4: ABC’s of REBT #2 (Emotional Upsets)

Tool #5: DISARM

Tool #6: Brainstorming

Tool #7: Role Playing

Tool #8: USA (Unconditional Self-Acceptance)

Tool #9: HOV (Hierarchy of Values)

Other Resources

Using Motivational Interviewing in SMART Recovery

Information on Motivational Interviewing (off-site link)

Suggested Guidelines for Awareness and Relaxation Techniques

Slideshows and Presentations

Basics of REBT (PDF)

Basics of REBT (PowerPoint)

Introduction to SMART Recovery


The ABCs

Matching Blank Presentation Template

Submit New Materials

Do you have materials you believe would be helpful for others? Submit them here.

Materials Submittal for Review and Inclusion

Meeting Door Signs

Help attendees find your meeting room with these ready to print 8.5 x 11″ PDFs.


For Professionals

Being a Volunteer Advisor for SMART Recovery®

For Professionals

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