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Volunteer Month

Thank You, Volunteer Month Supporters!

Volunteer Month is an important way that we, along with the partnership of our valued volunteers and supporters, strive to provide SMART Recovery meetings to more communities.

Scholarship applications were 43% above our goal for 2018​!

Thank you to our applicants, and we wish you the very best on your plans to help those seeking addiction recovery in your communities.

Our Volunteer Month d​onations were 30% over our initial goal this year!

Thank you to all our donors​, including Friends of SMART (anonymous) and SMART Recovery New England who provided matching challenges​! We certainly can’t do this without your help and generosity.

Together, we’re bringing SMART Recovery’s unique addiction recovery support to more communities, and helping mend lives and families.

With Gratitude to All,

Joe Gerstein
SMART Recovery


April is Volunteer Month!

Support SMART Recovery Volunteers.. or Become One Yourself!

Our approach to addiction recovery

Each April, SMART Recovery celebrates Volunteer Month as a way to not only recognize the efforts of our many dedicated volunteers, but also to encourage others to help meet the demand to bring SMART Recovery to others and to share in the rewarding experience of volunteering.

A number of Volunteer Month Training Scholarships are available during Volunteer Month to provide training for those who qualify for financial assistance to cover the cost of the SMART Recovery Facilitator And Support Team  (FAST) Online Training.

Volunteer Month Training Scholarships are available for local and online facilitators, message board volunteers, chat volunteers, and other volunteers that may benefit from the SMART Recovery FAST training.

Applications for Volunteer Month Training Scholarships will be accepted during the month of April. If you have been considering  volunteering at SMART Recovery, now may be your time to get trained, get involved, and experience the rewards of helping others make a difference in their own lives.

Our approach to addiction recovery

Support Our Volunteer Training & Scholarship Fund

For Volunteer Month 2018 our goal is to recruit 100 new applicants for our Volunteer FAST Training.  We’re happy to say that we have exceeded that goal and are still accepting new applications!

That means that we now have a much greater need for contributions to our Training Fund than we originally anticipated!

Help us bridge the gap! Donate today!

All funds raised in April for our Volunteer Month campaign will be used to provide training scholarships. Please give generously!

Support Volunteer Month

Thank You, SMART Recovery Volunteers and Supporters!

Our approach to addiction recovery

Become a Volunteer!

Training Scholarship Application Process

Those becoming Face-to-Face Volunteers as well as Online Volunteers are eligible to apply for Volunteer Month Training Scholarships.

We encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

Are you starting a new local meeting? 

That’s great – we’re here to support you!

Once you have successfully completed the training and notified the Central Office of the day/time and location of  your new meeting, we’ll send you a Meeting Starter Set to help you introduce the program to your new meeting participants.

Our approach to addiction recovery

Online Volunteering

For the participants interested in volunteering in our online community, you can read volunteer descriptions and apply to be a volunteer here.

Prior to applying for these positions, please make note of the requirements!

Our approach to addiction recovery

Handout for Local Facilitators

thumbnail of Volunteer Month Handout 2018
Local Facilitators:

Please provide these flyers to interested parties in your meetings.

Your qualified participants can apply for Volunteer Month Training Scholarships!

Our approach to addiction recovery

* Please note: Additional training may be required for some volunteer positions.
Australian and UK volunteers, contact your local office for details.



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