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Take 5 Spotlight with SMART Recovery

ATTENTION ALL SMART VOLUNTEERS…now there is a way to find out more about us SMART folks

It’s New – It’s for YOU!

What? A new series of brief articles that introduce you to members of our National Office team, and many other SMART-types, in a short & sweet way.

Why? We’re always looking for ways to build and improve our relationship with you, our treasured volunteers. And we’ve done a few things along those lines over the years that have helped. But this time we’ve decided to make it simple and quick by having team members answer a few questions (5, to be exact) about what they do. Maybe more importantly, why they do it. Plus, you’ll learn a little bit of “outside the workplace stuff” about them.

Where? You’ll get a monthly VolunteerCONNECTION e-newsletter that will include the latest Take 5 Spotlight or two in it. We’ll also be posting them on social media and on our website. Who knows? Maybe we’ll hire a skywriting plane and get them up in space.

How? Is it going to make a difference to me? Well, it will clarify and explain more about the people you may interact with and what their jobs are all about. It will help you understand how best we can serve you. Since it will eventually grow to include non-national office folks, you’ll also get to learn about SMART board members, advisors, advocates, historical figures, your fellow volunteers, and random people from the local coffee shop (okay, not the random people).

Next? Sit back get ready for the first issue of VolunteerCONNECTION to arrive (and get out your reading glasses if needed). Then, give us your feedback on the Take 5 Spotlight and feel free to ask any questions or make suggestions.

And? And nothing. That’s it. Take 5 Spotlight. It’s New. It’s for You!

Ali Adinaro

If you happen to partake in any of the following SMART activities, you’ve been touched by the work of SMART’s Marketing and Fundraising Manager Ali Adinaro: read blog, listened to podcasts, perused newsletters, opened emails, enjoyed social media posts, responded to fundraisers, and noticed website updates. Ali is involved in pretty much all things marketing and fundraising across the agency. 

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Jodi Dayton

If you want to talk about longevity at SMART Recovery, the conversation starts and stops with Jodi Dayton. Jodi started working at SMART in 2003 (rumor has it she needed a youth work permit) and is now the Office Resource Coordinator. “[SMART] was looking for a part-time employee and reached out to see if I was interested.  I started working 3 hours per day 3 days a week in 2003.” It quickly turned into a full-time position. Clearly the match was made to last.

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Luke Frazier

Talk about the right place at the right time. When Luke Frazier, SMART’s Communications Consultant, was sitting in a crowded coffee shop he was overheard talking about the kind of communications work he was doing. The person who overheard him happened to work for SMART Recovery, and they happened to be looking for someone to help with communications. Luke says, “I wasn’t even planning to go to that coffee shop. My schedule changed and I ended up there.”  

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Melina Gilbert

Melina Gilbert is SMART’s Volunteer Support Manager in the Volunteer & Meeting Resource Management Department. She says that means exactly what it says, “The job title speaks for itself. My job is to make sure our volunteers have the supports they need to start and maintain their SMART Recovery meetings.”  This includes offering support and resources to increase volunteer satisfaction and develop additional skills. 

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Jas Hilbert

Sometimes hearing about a company from someone on the inside makes for a great job connection. That’s what happened for SMART’s Office Assistant Jas Hilbert. A SMART employee suggested she check out SMART, and Jas says she fell in love with the program. Next stop: new hire paperwork.

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Leah McSween

If you called Office Assistant Leah McSween’s journey to SMART employment quick, then you might just be understating it. As Leah points out, “I think from application date to hire date was two weeks. Kind of a whirlwind.” While due, in part, to the SMART’s being a smaller agency back in 2019, it also indicated the fit was right, and both sides knew it.

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Anna Marie Murphy

How is working with accountants like working with SMART Recovery employees? No, this is not setting up a punchline. SMART’s Director of Marketing, Anna Marie Murphy, provides a convincing answer. “My last job was with a CPA firm whose structure was really similar to SMART’s. Both have lots of representatives out in the community who need support promoting services and succeed best when there is a strong brand presence behind them, training resources available, and good materials they can share.” In other words, a great marketing team working on their behalf.  

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Karin Ostroske

Clichés aren’t necessarily just a lazy writer’s crutch. Sometimes they accurately convey a person’s character. In the case of SMART’s Office Productivity/Business Process Analyst Karin Ostroske, the phrase “Still waters run deep” is a bullseye.  For example, here is her take on what previous positions have taught her. “I’ve learned that people are people. Whatever skills I have to offer pale in comparison to the importance of meeting people where they are, eye to eye, soul to soul.”

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Ted Perkins

Quite simply, he’s Ted the video guy. His job is not accounting (though his videos raise money), answering the phones (though his videos cause people to call), or directly training facilitators (though his videos are used by the training team). Essentially, Ted just loves telling stories, “Especially when it involves telling emotionally compelling stories of personal triumphs and overcoming adversity.”  

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Molly Princic

Molly Princic is the SMART Recovery Online (SROL) Support Manager in the Volunteer & Meeting Resource Management Department. As Molly puts it, that means the online community is her area, “I help with all things SROL—working with a small group of volunteers, known as the Leadership Team, who represent one of the three online communities—Meetings, Message Board, and Chat.” She works with this Leadership Team to improve their platforms and offers technical support to participants as needed. Molly also works closely with SROL volunteers, helping them enjoy and embrace their roles.

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Lorie White

Lorie White is the latest addition to SMART’s staff. As National Office Administrator, she’s all about best practices in operations and workflow. Given the variety of the substantive work by the crew at HQ in Mentor, you might say it’s valid to add symphony conductor to her job description. She’s prepared for whatever zaniness comes her way.

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