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SMART Recovery Online Community (SROL)

SMART Recovery Online (SROL) is an online community where individuals with addiction, their Family & Friends, and other specialized audiences can interact with SMART Recovery volunteers and each other to aid in overcoming addiction.

SROL can be a meaningful resource for individuals who might not have access to local face-to-face meetings for a  variety of reasons (medical or lack of transportation), who feel more comfortable trying out SMART Recovery in an online setting before joining a face-to-face community, or for those who prefer to interact online. All participation on SROL is anonymous and optional (encouraged, but not required).

Our online community provides 24×7 access to recovery related resources so that you are able to find support when you need it.

SROL consists of:

  • Online meetings, held using Zoom software which offers a look and feel that resembles a face-to-face meeting. This software allows individuals to participate in meetings using their choice(s) of text, audio and video. Audio and video participation is encouraged, but not required.
  • Message Board, to help you learn and apply the SMART Recovery 4-Point Program® to your everyday life. SMART has specialized group forums and peer support groups (e.g., eating behavior focus, gambling addiction, quitting smoking, Family & Friends, and more).  There are also social forums, where individuals can just chat, share opinions, or share information on their creative endeavors.
  • 24×7 Chat, there are online members from all over the world, there is usually always someone in the chat room. Upon entering, you may find a casual or joking environment, but if you have an issue or want information about something, just let the room know. Recovery comes first and the focus of the discussion will shift to try to help you with your issue(s).

Specialized online meetings are currently available for:

  • Individuals who may have an addictive behavior and/or may need help
  • Family & Friends of someone with an addictive behavior
  • Specialized audiences such as:
    • Military Veterans and First Responders
    • Health Care Professionals
    • Sexual Maladaptive Behavior
    • Teen & Youth
  • Facilitators through our three-weekly SMART Meeting Management (SMM) calls

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Or visit to sign-in. Meetings are regularly changed or added.

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