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Helping or Hurting?

Are your emotions and behaviors helping or hurting you?

REBT is a proven system designed to increase emotional self-management in order to empower you to change those things you can change and to accept (though not like) those things you cannot change.

In order for you to think clearly and thus effectively handle stressful situations and solve practical problems, you first have to develop emotional control. Emotional self-management is a vital key to stress management.

The first step in emotional self-management is to become more aware of your habitual emotional stress reactions and to understand clearly that they are not helping you get what you want. Once you are motivated to change your emotional and behavioral reactions to situations, you are then ready to modify your thinking.

Write down an extremely stressful event that happened recently:

Indicate how you felt and how strongly you felt about it by putting a check mark next to the feeling and rating its intensity Moderate or High (M or H):

____ angry

____ guilty

____ anxious

____ depressed


Write down what you did (how did you behave?)


Was your behavior helpful? Did it help solve the problem in the short-term?


Did your behavior help solve the problem in the long-term?


Did your extreme feelings help you to think clearly and solve the problem or deal with the upsetting event?