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SMART Recovery Research Studies

SMART Recovery continually partners with research studies in order to champion the cause of further understanding the addiction and recovery process to help people live Life Beyond Addiction.

Below are the studies that are looking for volunteers

Let’s Do Addiction Recovery Together” (LDART) survey.

Yale University scientists are looking for individuals who volunteer or work with an organization that provides free support to people with addiction to help create a web-based recovery support tool.

Research announcement HERE

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Research Study on Substance Use, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Attachment Styles

Kaitlyn Komar, Saint Elizabeth University.

The specific research question is “Does drug of choice and attachment style affect the length of sobriety before relapse?” This study is to learn about if there is a specific drug and attachment style that is correlated with more frequent relapses and less sobriety time. This study is also intended to investigate how adverse childhood experiences affect attachment style in adulthood and result in drug use in adulthood. Understanding sobriety and relapse will be useful for this population to better predict and prevent relapse, understand which individuals may be more high-risk, and improve treatment interventions.

Research announcement HERE

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