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SMART Recovery Research Studies

SMART Recovery continually partners with research studies in order to champion the cause of further understanding the addiction and recovery process to help people live Life Beyond Addiction.

Below are the studies that are looking for volunteers:

University of Derby Research Study

University of Derby – June 2022

The study investigates the psychological and social characteristics of older adults who begin drinking problematically later in life, referred to as ‘late-onset’. Late-onset drinkers account for one-third of all older problem drinkers and typically, they begin drinking problematically, approximately around the age of 50. The research also compares them with their early-onset counterparts (people who begin drinking problematically, much earlier in life). Moreover, the research posits the notion that late-onset problem drinking in older adults is associated with a lack of meaning and purpose in life, resulting from major events that occur later in life, and investigates the role that meaning and purpose in life plays in both late- and early-onset problem drinking.

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Compris Research Study

Compris, Inc. – May 2022

SMART Recovery is partnering with Compris, Inc. in a research study for members and their families. Compris is interested in learning if guidance helps one understand their strengths, risks, and recovery support needs. Compris is an easy-to-use, anonymous, digital tool that supports a person no matter where they are in life right now. They assess addiction risks and strengths, the help needed, motivation to get it, and next steps, as well as build internal resilience.

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