Volunteer Appreciation Month
Join the Volunteer Team and Pay it Forward

Scholarships for Addiction Recovery Volunteer  TrainingSMART Recovery celebrates Volunteer Month in April of each year, as a way to recognize the efforts of its many dedicated volunteers.

SMART is a “volunteer organization” and the robust growth in meetings during the past year is a direct result of the enthusiastic efforts of its volunteers. They have done a terrific job. In the last year, the number of weekly SMART face-to-face meetings has grown by 35% and at SMART Recovery Online, 245 new “seats” have been added to the weekly meeting schedule.

During Volunteer Month, SMART not only celebrates its current volunteers, but also encourages others to join in, to help meet the growing demand for more SMART Recovery meetings throughout the world. Any volunteer at SMART Recovery will tell you that volunteering is a rewarding experience — and what better place to share your energy and expertise in all things recovery-related?!

Training Scholarships Available

Thanks to an anonymous donor, a number of Volunteer Training Scholarships are available during Volunteer Month for those who qualify for financial assistance to cover the cost of the SMART Recovery Facilitator and Support Team Distance Training (FAST Training).

Volunteer Training Scholarships are available for local and online facilitators, message board volunteers, chat volunteers, and other volunteers who may benefit from the SMART Recovery FAST* training.

Application Process

Applications for Volunteer Training Scholarships will be accepted during the entire month of April. If you’ve been considering volunteering at SMART Recovery, now may be your best time to get trained, get involved, and experience the rewards of helping others who are working to make positive changes in their lives.

Early application for a Training Scholarship is encouraged.


Training covers four weeks and the timing is flexible. The training materials are provided online and volunteers may complete the training according to their own schedule. There are two “real-time” meetings required during the four week training period. Volunteers may choose the real-time meeting that is most convenient for their schedule.

Upon the successful completion of the FAST training and the submission of your Volunteer Registration Form (containing your meeting information), you will receive a Meeting Starter Kit (a $45 value) consisting of 4 DVDs, a SMART Recovery Handbook, and a SMART Recovery baseball cap to use when “passing the hat” at your local meeting. The SMART Recovery Facilitator’s Manual is available during Volunteer Month as a free downloadable PDF when you register for training.

Recovery Month Volunteer Training Scholarship – Apply Here

Online Volunteer Descriptions

For the participants interested in volunteering for our online community, volunteer job descriptions are available online. Feel free to contact any current volunteer to ask any questions you may have about the experience of volunteering.

Handout for Local Facilitators

Local Facilitators: Please hand out Volunteer Month flyers to your participants.

Your qualified participants can apply for Volunteer Month Training Scholarships!

Thank you for your participation!

* Please note: Additional training may be required for some volunteer positions.

Australian and UK volunteers, contact your local office for details.

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