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I Am Not My Behavior

self-acceptance-and-changeMost people will agree that they are being at least most of the following ten ways MOST of the time: heart, soul, mind, body, senses, sensations, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and memories.

However, most people are trained to judge themselves as their good or bad behaviors.

In order to correct this error, ask yourself the following questions whenever you rate yourself as being any good or bad behavior:

  1. Is my HEART that behavior?
  2. Is my SOUL that behavior?
  3. Is my MIND that behavior?
  4. Is my BODY that behavior?
  5. Are ALL my SENSES that behavior?
  6. Are ALL my SENSATIONS that behavior?
  7. Are ALL my THOUGHTS that behavior?
  8. Are ALL my FEELINGS that behavior?
  9. Are ALL my BEHAVIORS that behavior?
  10. Are ALL my MEMORIES that behavior?

Since you can easily answer ‘No!’ to each question then you are NOT the behavior you judged or rated yourself to be.

Obviously, since you are being heart, soul, mind, body, senses, sensations, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and memories most of the time, you CANNOT also be just one or even a few behaviors at any one time. You can only be ALL that you are at any one time. To think that you are less than what you are is an obvious error or mistake.

For example, if someone calls you a name–that cannot make you anything. You can never become someone’s opinion of you, because you are so much more than mere descriptions, labels, names, or thoughts.

To prove this to yourself, remember a time when you or someone else labeled you as ‘stupid.’ Now, ask yourself if that was or is true–by remembering the ten parts you always are and by asking if each one of those ten parts is stupid just because you did a stupid thing and so were mislabeled as stupid. The answer is ‘NO!,’ you are NOT stupid even if what you did was stupid. You CANNOT be stupid!

Now you know the truth that to label people or to call people names is just to lie. We can accurately label behaviors, but NOT people, NOT beings!