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awfulizingSo how awful IS awful?

How terrible is TERRIBLE?

It is helpful to put events into perspective, To ACTIVELY and FORCEFULLY
expand our focus to see life realistically.

We often say something is “awful” and get a feeling like it is more than 100% Awful.

But how can that be?

We say we “Can’t Stand It!!!”…. But yet we do!

So lets take these facts and begin to MANAGE our thoughts and perspectives and as a result DIRECTLY MANAGE our feelings and behaviors as well!

We are not saying to “sugar-coat”…or even to minimize. There is real distress and discomfort in this world. Recognition of this real distress is important.

What we are saying is, while recognizing the real distress in situations, to also, AT THE SAME TIME, recognize very clearly and very factually, where it lies in the spectrum of distress,
and that we can stand it.

Here is the tool ——- To REALize reality

Make a scale starting at 0 and going to 100

100 ___________
90  ___________
80 ___________
70 ___________
60  ___________
50  ___________
40  ___________
30  ___________
20  ___________
10  ___________
0  ___________

1 ) First rate you existing situation



2) Secondly, ask yourself,

” How Terrible is It?
” Could it get worse?
” It is really as frequent as it feels ?
” How long will it really last?

3) Now for a bit of perspective …

” Is it as bad as a hurricane or earthquake?
” Or say as a famine or war ?

4) and Finally for antidote …
” Is there nothing occurring at this same time that is good?
” Is there nothing I can do to make something good happen?

It is in these simple and factual ways that we Realistically Manage and develop a reality based perspective on life.