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Online Volunteering with SMART Recovery

Are You Interested in Online Volunteering?

Well over 1000 individuals per month register for our online activities. This requires an active crew of capable volunteers on hand to share the program and tools in our various venues. We’d love to have you join us!

Here’s some information about each of the current volunteer opportunities:

Online Meeting Facilitator: SMART Recovery Online meetings provide a vital service to individuals throughout the world who don’t currently have a SMART Recovery meeting in their community, as well as an added resource to attend meetings during days and times when local meetings are unavailable. Our trained facilitators are amazing!

Message Board Volunteer: With thousands of posts on our vibrant message boards each month, a multitude of volunteers are needed to ensure that individuals receive a warm welcome, and guidance to tools and services. Our trained message board volunteers work together to ensure that everyone who posts in one of the many forums and threads obtains helpful assistance and a thoughtful welcome.

24/7 Chat Room: As individuals arrive on SROL’s shores, they often benefit from having a friendly place to “hang out” in a safe and welcoming place to chat with others. The chat room conversations aren’t always about recovery – you’ll often find people chatting about the book they’re reading, or a new recipe, or their favorite movie. That’s good and beneficial. But if the chat is not recovery-oriented, and someone arrives in the room in crisis, our trained chat volunteers help to turn the conversation to the topic of recovery, and reach out with tools and ideas to provide assistance to the individual.

Additional information about these volunteer roles is available when you register for SMART Recovery Online.

A Word About the Training for Online Volunteers

Becoming an online volunteer begins with completing the GET SMART FAST Online Training. Online volunteers receive additional training specific to the online venue. If you are volunteering as a meeting facilitator, you’ll find one of our existing online facilitators helpful as you co-facilitate several meetings, then facilitate several meetings as the lead facilitator before moving forward with your own meeting date and time. Online volunteers receiving ongoing training that includes:

Advanced Facilitator Training:  Regularly scheduled group discussion meetings focus on difficult issues arising in meetings, meeting logistics and opportunities for promotion of meetings in your area.

Facilitator Support: Regularly scheduled, closed recovery support meetings for our volunteer community.

• After registering for SMART Recovery Online, click the link to “Become a Volunteer” for the detailed descriptions for each volunteer position and instructions for applying.

Questions About Online Volunteering?

Click here to contact the National Office.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer! With the ever-growing demand for meetings and online activities, your time and talent will be put to good use! We’re confident that you’ll find facilitating a rewarding experience.