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Shelly808’s Story

Member stories of addiction recoveryIs only been 10 months and…

I dont cancel appointments anymore
I show up on time
Mornings are incredible without a hangover
My house is much cleaner
My career life is changing and improving
My relationship with my husband – BETTER
Relationships with friends – BETTER
I exercise more
I eat healthy more often
I am beginning to understand what self love and self care is alllll about
I have a sense of hope and curiosity
I am not afraid to try new things
I know how to be mindful of my thinking
I dont awful-ize nearly as much!
I know how to divert my attention from an urge
I care about the quality of my future more
I dont procrastinate nearly as much
I can help people and still maintain my boundaries
I dont always have to be right
I walk my dog more
I am more consciences of when I am thinking & behaving selfishly.
I watch less TV (still a work in progress)
I water my plants regularly
I am much more grateful
I am getting things done like long overdue taxes!
I am up to date for on my bills!!! (HUGE for me)
I was able to quit smoking!!! (double HUGE!!!!)
I no longer feel like a hypocrite in my profession (wellness arena)
I no longer hide things
Please Donate Today!I no longer am making stupid dangerous choices
I no longer lie about small things
I no longer feel a sense of “OH CRAP” when husband comes home
I am loving hiking and my beach!
I am much happier

I am beginning to understand that life without alcohol does not mean a boring life!!! In fact, the opposite is true. 🙂