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RobertaDa’s Story

Member stories of addiction recoveryLast week my partner left out on the counter some cookies that had be gifted to us by a neighbor. The cookies sat there for days as my partner slowly ate some and then took the rest to work. THAT was new!

I started eating unhealthy and binge eating when I was a child. My mother was a compulsive overeater/binger. I was a heavy child, and by age 13 I weighed over 200 lbs. I was “obese” until I was 35. After some diets, exercise, and increasing my drinking (yes, switching up the addictions) I got down to “overweight.” I still couldn’t pass up high sugar food offered to me at the office. I also couldn’t even have crackers in the house in view without eating them all. 

I went to AA and got recovery from my alcohol abuse about 3 years ago. However, Overeaters Anonymous never seemed to help me with my food addiction. The 12 step just didn’t offer enough practical applications for my food addiction. I’d do O.K. for a while, then binge on sweets and fats. I was about to give up again on eating healthy, when I happened upon SMART.

I never knew how much obsessing about food and eating controlled my life until it stopped controlling my life.

The first thing that I did in SMART was to buy the handbook and go through it. The handbook presents a lot of the SMART tools in a sensible order. I also posted on the forums. It was a while before I did an on-line meeting. SMART offered me concrete tools that I can use when I want to eat unhealthy foods or overeat. 

It did take about 3 months to get off the sugar craving roller coaster. I did NOT start eating healthy all the time all at once. It in the past 2 months, however, I have been able to abstain from binge eating and eating high sugar foods such as desserts and candy. I understand that not everyone must stop eating high sugar foods in order to stop binge eating, but I now know that consuming sugar sets up physical cravings for me. I never knew how much obsessing about food and eating controlled my life until it stopped controlling my life. 

Please Donate Today!I am now a “normal” weight. I feel healthier and proud of what I have accomplished. I am currently using the SMART tools and forum support to help me with really “listening” to my body regarding when and how much to eat.

Thanks, SMART!