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Doug A.’s Story

“A Cincinnati SMART Recovery Miracle”

Member stories of addiction recoveryWhen Douglas A. first attended a SMART Recovery meeting he seemed the least suitable candidate for recovery. Here was a man with a head injury to the right frontal lobe from a bullet wound incurred during service in the military.

Several years of coma followed associated with retrograde amnesia for all events prior to the injury. Severe bouts of petit and grand mal seizures, meningitis, a string of D.U.I.’s, maladaptive behavior, prolonged drinking of alcohol and poly drug abuse followed. Divorce, womanizing and children who would have nothing to do with him followed in quick order. What we didn’t factor in was Doug’s determination and dedication, and as it turned out a pre-injury high level intelligence quotient thanks to records his mother supplied.

Doug took to the ABC’s and Cost Benefit Analysis like a duck takes to water and the results have been dramatic. To see him today is to make one swell with pride.

I am forever grateful to SMART Recovery and Dr. Bozian because he addressed all the issues and helped me to advance my recovery from the brain injury.

He has just completed college after but one and half years of attendance, has won the coveted prize from his college for the student who has most overcome adversity, and he has been totally abstinent these past two years and brushes off urges like annoying fleas. His comment, “why would I jeopardize all that is so beautiful that has happened to me”.

His son is in constant contact, he has a post in the secondary schools in Cincinnati as a teacher of literature and the arts, and he is actively facilitating one of the SMART Recovery groups when his schedule permits. When Doug is presiding, the board is replete with C B A’s and A B C’s.

This success story is a tribute, first of all to himself for the determination and dedication to applying the cognitive behavioral tools of SMART Recovery to his ongoing problem, and for the support given by his fellow participants in the program. It illustrates how much the techniques of SMART Recovery can do even in the face of extensive organic damage — in this case to the frontal lobe so necessary for “executive functioning decision making”. It offers hope to all, and we can rejoice in this human success story.

Douglas added this to the story:

“SMART Recovery has totally changed my life, i.e. I just graduated from college with a Bachelors degree in English and my children were there to witness the affair. I am forever grateful to SMART Recovery and Dr. Bozian because he addressed all the issues and helped me to advance my recovery from the brain injury. That is exactly what I needed.

Please Donate Today!SMART Recovery offers the cognitive behavioral tools . . . and that is exactly what I needed to recover from my PTBD (Post Traumatic Brain Disorder) and by doing that, my addictive behavior was addressed and is no longer an issue.”

Congratulations, Douglas!