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SMART Recovery Tool: Goal Setting

Point 4: Live a Balanced Life

Establishing values and goals, and creating plans and strategies to achieve those goals, are essential to all aspects of recovery, especially when creating a balanced life. Our values guide our lives, from the long-term goals we set to the day-to-day choices we make.

You’ll hear people in SMART talk about the three Ps: Patience, Practice, and Persistence. We could easily add a fourth one: Planning. It’s that important.

Setting a few short-term goals is a great starting place. You can set long-term goals after you set some that will benefit you now. Make sure your goals are realistic without being too hard, and don’t set too many.

Goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreeable, Realistic, Time-Bound).

Tips & Tools for Recovery that Works!

Goal Setting

Once you define your Core Values, the next step can be to set goals that are in tune with those values. This Tips & Tools episode can help you formalize the process of goal setting and set you up for a continued successful recovery.

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