For Volunteers: Meeting Opening and Closing

Feel free to copy and paste this text when you facilitate an online meeting.

Meeting Opening

Welcome to this SMART Recovery Online meeting. SMART stands for Self Management and Recovery Training. We are a non-profit, volunteer, mutual self-help peer support group, and not to be construed as professional therapy. Our meetings last 90 minutes and are open to everyone. You are not required to participate if you don’t wish to. Our discussions focus on how to abstain from any type of addictive behavior.

We view addiction recovery as our own responsibility, and within our control. We teach self-empowering skills to help you build and maintain motivation, cope with urges, identify and solve other problems in your life, and achieve lifestyle balance in order to prevent relapse.

Please remember that our discussions are flexible – if it’s important to you, it’s important to the group. Respect, honesty, and understanding are the bywords here, and we encourage cross-talk after the check-in has been completed. Make comments freely, however, please keep them in line with the issue or topic that has presented itself. We learn from each other and your input and experience may help another. If you lapse or relapse, come and discuss what happened and learn skills like refusing to act on urges.

Please note: If you have been drinking or using, please know you are welcome to stay and observe, but consider if another time might be better in which to give input into a meeting. Sometimes people who have been using do not realize that their actions (however well-intended) may inhibit the flow of the meeting and prevent others from working on their issues.

Also, anyone receiving inappropriate or unwanted private messages from another participant during the meeting should notify the meeting facilitator. Caution and common sense are encouraged – if you haven’t done so, please review the Online Safety posting on our Message Board.

Our meetings are open to the public and there may be participants here as observers. What is said at a meeting, and by whom, is confidential. Please respect this principle and maintain the confidentiality of fellow attendees.

We will now start the check-in, and the facilitator will run down the list and ask how everyone is doing. This is a great time to mention if you have a particular issue, topic, success, question or concern that you would like to discuss during the meeting. Please feel free to introduce yourself to the group. Anyone wishing to may simply type or say “pass” as well. Once we have checked in with everyone, we will continue to the general discussion portion of the meeting.

Meeting Closing

*****ATTENTION PLEASE ***** SMART Recovery is a non-profit organization and depends on the financial support of members like you.

Please visit for ways to contribute to SMART Recovery! You can make contributions through our secure connections with PayPal and Qgiv, as well as use online services that also benefit SMART – like shopping at Amazon through the SMART Recovery link, or make contributions while selling at Ebay by using Ebay Giving Works.

Again, please visit for ways you can help! Thanks folks and stay SMART!!!

This SMART Recovery meeting is officially over…however you may stay and chat as long as you like by visiting our 24/7 chatroom!

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