SMART Recovery for Veterans

Supporting those who have served

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Research documents that an alarming number of veterans returning from military
deployment and combat suffer from addiction. The traumatic experiences
encountered on the battlefield can overwhelm coping skills and cause mental
health conditions. Many veterans will self-medicate with alcohol and substances, or
engage in risky behaviors that can compound problems.


Effects on Families

Families of veterans are at risk as well. The absence of their loved one can create excessive strain, and the homecoming of their loved one may bring powerful anxieties for everyone involved. Their beloved veteran may have post-traumatic stress disorder and brain injuries. Unhealthy coping behaviors and lack of healthy support can set off a downward spiral for all involved.
Find a Veterans Meeting

There is hope. Veterans who have begun to address their challenges are uniquely qualified to help their fellow veterans. In partnership with Veteran’s Administration (VA) hospitals across the country, SMART meetings offer veterans the help they need in a safe and supportive environment. Veterans- specific meetings are available in our online community. Meetings are free; registration is required. Visit to search for local meetings and online resources.
Let’s Support More Veterans Together

We would love to help you start SMART Recovery meetings in your facility. VA staff are invited to join our training program and start SMART Recovery meetings at their facilities. Training can be completed online or in-person. Fill out the form on this page to request more information on SMART Recovery for Veterans. e resources.

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