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"SMART Recovery made possible for me the once impossible idea of being sober and happy. I'm forever grateful to have learned the tools to take back control of my life. And SAVE my life."


"I was tired of being told I was powerless. I'm not. I can make better choices now. SMART Recovery helped me develop a plan to get where I needed to get."


"Everybody told me my options were limited. Now I know that's not true. SMART helped me realize that my recovery journey is unique to me, and I'm 100% in charge of it."


I thought nothing would work for me. SMART Recovery showed me how my own THOUGHTS were my biggest problem! The SMART Handbook exercises really helped me break it all down and look at my challenges from a more positive perspective."


Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) is a global community of mutual-Support groups. At our free face-to-face or online meetings our participants help one another overcome any addiction. You’ll find and develop the power within yourself to change and lead a fulfilling and balanced life guided by our evidence-based 4-Point Program®. which has helped millions succesfully recover over the last 25 years in countries around the world.

At SMART Recovery, you are not an “alcoholic” or “addict”. You’re a human being dealing with a very human problem. A problem that you will now have the power to succesfully address and begin to solve the moment you begin to attend our free meetings and access these great resources…


The SMART Recovery Toolbox offers a variety of personal growth and self-empowerment exercises and worksheets to help you take control and manage your recovery at every stage of the journey. These easy to-use self-reflection and relapse prevention strategies are always within easy reach; always free of charge.

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SMART Recovery’s YouTube channel offers tons of helpful how-to videos, insightful interviews with addiction leaders, and inspirational testimonials of how people have successfully used SMART to live Life Beyond Addiction. Watch for free and smash the subscribe button while we smash the stigma of addiction.


You’re not alone. Millions of individuals understand and share your issues. That’s why SMART offers its diverse and vibrant recovery community the latest news and insights about trends in the addiction space. Our Blog Page offers a great variety of informative, entertaining and inspirational info, updated weekly.

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Urgent Help Resources

Experiencing suicidal thoughts or severe withdrawal symptoms?

This page is designed to help you find the assistance you may need if you encounter a crisis.

Volunteers at SMART Recovery stand ready to assist you with your addictive behavior issues, and to help you to learn the program’s tools and techniques for overcoming addictive behaviors.

However, our volunteers are not trained to assist with suicidal tendencies, withdrawal issues, etc., which often merit immediate medical or professional assistance.

If you or a friend are in emotional distress and considering suicide: