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SMART Recovery Tool: Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)

Point 1: Build and Maintain Motivation

4 Questions About My Addiction

Using the CBA Worksheet (Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool)

Use this informative paper-and-pencil tool to see what your behaviors are costing you, as well as what they are providing you.

Divide your paper into four squares, label the squares for each of the questions below, and list your answers. Then consider if you are getting the results you’re looking for, or if change might be something to consider.

1. What do I enjoy about my addiction, what does it do for me (be specific)?

List as many things as you can that you liked about whatever you are/were addicted to.

a. Where possible, find alternative ways of achieving the same goals.
b. Recognize positive thinking about the addiction as a potential relapse warning sign.
c. Realize that there are some things you liked about the addiction you will have to learn to live without.
d. List what you enjoy about your addiction so you can ask yourself if it is really worth the price.

Realize that you aren’t stupid; you did get something from your addiction. It just may not be working on your behalf anymore.

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Tips & Tools for Recovery that Works!

Cost Benefit Analysis

Check out how to use SMART Recovery’s tool: The Cost-Benefit Analysis or CBA. It’s a great way to take a good hard, honest look at what the real risk/reward profile of your behaviors really are, and then make sound decisions accordingly. 

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