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    Default Still sober 1 year

    With all the things in my life that have happend since Dec. I am suprised I made it thru my first. First my room mate has a massive stroke, he died 3 months later.Then my son getting involed with alchol and drugs, and lastly I had to have hip replacement surgery . While I was in the hospitle my son contacted his Biological mom and started ging to her hojse. My sister was here with him but couldn't do anything with him. His bio-mom gave him meth to try. There went school , coming home when I got home and everything went to hell. He finially got picked up by sherriff and we attempted to geet him into treatment. Long story short he ran away. Got arrested again and am again trying to get him into 60-90 day program.But through all this I haven't drank , only thought about it a couple of times and between my treatment and program I fell I can continue in soberity as long as I stay in AA and talk to my sponser .

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    Wow Jack well done, looking at your challenges this year sure puts mine in perspective! About your son's situation, just keep hoping and do what you can. I have had similar struggles with my son too. You can't control his choices but you are doing everything in your power to offer him a different path. Way to go Dad, you are stepping up for him, keep that in your mind and have a great Father's Day, you deserve it!

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    Congrats on staying sober through all of that. That's fantastic. I couldn't have done it. I am on Day 11, my 10th count restart this past year because of issues that have popped up. I am determined to keep the count going this time. Again, congrats to you.

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    Hang in there, things are bound to get better, an drinking won't help!

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