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    Thumbs up Improving the Peaceful Quality of Life

    By the time I had arrived at SMART Recovery, I had already gotten sober by other means. What it has helped me with is, mainly from the Friends & Family perspective. I had a lot of unhealthy friends in recovery-ones that, despite being in recovery from Chemical Dependency for a few years-were still proud of living the chaotic lifestyle. I do not blame them, because there was a place in my life where the chaos was how I was coping with what life was throwing my way.

    I began to learn how to set healthy boundaries with friends in recovery, and thus began distancing myself from others who were unhealthy. It has been a weird road to be walking down-getting rid of friends that were once very dear to my heart. I would say that the amount of friends that I have had to shrink initially so that i was able to get to a place in life where I was able to begin developing real, true, deep, and meaningful friendships. Now, the friend base that I have has begun to grow again, this time with healthy people in it.

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    That sounds amazing. Boundaries are a wonderful thing, even if it's a little difficult to set them at first

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    Default Try new friends

    Especially those not "in recovery"
    Refreshing to talk about other things besides our own problems/struggles with "chemical dependency."
    Variety is theespice of life

Share this SMART Recovery Success Story!

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