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    Default So Close to the Cigar

    Okay, so I'm cheating. I posted this in my journal, but dog gonnit! I think it's one hell of a success story, too!

    Greetings from the land of anticipation. In 10 days I will have reached my latest goal in sobriety. It will be 100 days since my last taste of that toxic box o' wine.

    Firstly, I'll be heading to Florida to spend a week with my husband and finding the perfect barn for my horse. So that's cool cause it's only 19 degrees here. During that time, we'll celebrate Valentines Day (meh) and my daily orbital centenary mark. He can pick what we do on VD (I'm pretty sure it's gonna involve sex) but I'm choosing the events for my extraordinary anniversary. I've decided on a picnic on the south end of Siesta Key to watch the sun set. That, I'll share with my husband (so nice of me, don't you think?). But this is all about me. Said husband has been gone since early November to spend life in warmer climes due to health reasons and I quit drinking shortly after he left. (Yeah, yeah, some other time.)

    I have decided to take myself to a little place called Treeumph. They have a myriad of zip lines and obstacle courses high in the sky. I'm gonna zip and climb and struggle and laugh! I'll emit primal, guttural, unworldly, howls of joy! I'll make a complete and total fool of myself and scoff at the disparaging crowds! I'll thank the universe for having found Smart.

    The tools that have brought me the most happiness are those of acceptance. Without these, I could not forgive, I could not be me. I was so afraid of losing myself in sobriety but, instead, I've discovered that I truly am all of those wonderful things I just thought I was when I was drunk. I'm funny, creative, compassionate, intelligent and purposeful.

    I want to celebrate with all of the people here who've helped to make this possible. (God, this sounds like an acceptance speech, where's my gown?) Were it not for you and your compassionate support I would still be gazing into the mirror of deception, drunk or sober. There is so much more to life than not drinking. Smart has given me the path to see the world.

    I'm musing on this because I have three days to spazz before I fly off. I mean, my god, I've gotta shave my legs! Pack! Unpack! Pack! Do 5000 crunches! Butt exercises! The list is endless, and fun.

    This site and the people in it mean the world to me because through you, I'm doing the most important thing I've ever accomplished in my life. Thank you. Place heart emjoi here.... (friggin' technology!)


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    Congratulations Trickie on a massive milestone. I wish I could see your pics but then again maybe not.. lol

    100 days is a massive accomplishment and I'm so proud of you.

    Enjoy xxx

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    Awww.... from my bestest! Thanks sweetie! <3

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    i could dig the zipline nice.

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