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    Smile Success can be yours.

    Good Morning for all of you who are checking this website out for the first time or are still trying to decided if SMART Recovery is for you, I would highly recommend joining. IT'S FREE so what is their to lose. At the least you have a very simple way to connect with others in recovery who are probably going through similar trials and tribulations as you are. You have the right to chose any form of recovery that you want, and you can attend more than 1 type of meeting ( I felt guilty in the beginning lol) but I feel that SMART has something the NA & AA do not have. The independence that they teach in SMART is very important to me. I've never been good at asking for help or picking up the phone. Even when I tried to reach out using the list of numbers I was given when I first started going to NA, I was unfortunately let down at least 85% of the time. For someone that does not reach out often it can have a disastrous effect when they finally try and get nothing. No answer, no advice, no support. Luckily for me I am used to being let down so I wasn't expecting much when I picked up the phone, but for some the idea of a group support is very appealing. I am not saying that you should only rely on yourself. I think it is great when people in recovery can support each other and be there in times of need. However I also think having the knowledge and confidence to handle recovery and all the hard things that come with it by yourself can be the difference between staying clean and going back out. I know they say in the halls that "your best thinking is what got you here" but it's not entirely true. MY best thinking is what going me into recovery and helped me sustain my recovery for almost 8 months. If you change your attitude and your mentality than your ways of thinking will also change. Knowledge is truly power and SMART Recovery give you so many tools and coping mechanisms that I feel are extremely important. You don't have to give anything up to participate in SMART, just check out the resources and read the papers. The manual is definitely worth the money & I can say on behalf of myself that without this program there are situations that I dont think I would have made it through. Good luck on your recovery & this is a great place to start. You should be so proud of yourself for even just considering to get clean, even if you haven't started yet .. just the idea is scary..putting it into action is terrifying BUT it is so worth it & there are so many people here (including myself) that will be more than happy to support you. Even though SMART is centered on dependence we are a HUGE network of support.

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    "Your best thinking got you here" is such a crock of $#%! My best thinking when drinking was that it was the best option available to deal with social anxiety, to numb out, to suppress my emotions that I didn't know what to do with, and to take back what little control I felt like I had over my life. It was the path of least resistance at that time and for a very long time. When I went into those meetings and was taught that I was wrong for making that decision along with defective and an "alcoholic" who was powerless over some "illness", I felt worse about myself and completely inept to manage myself anymore. I just stayed stuck for YEARS because I BELIEVED I had no other choice but to be powerless over alcohol or to immerse myself into the program 100%. And even when I did immerse myself completely, I still felt this inept ability to handle cravings when they came upon me so I relapsed again and again. Once I found Smart, I found the light. I finally deprogrammed from all those years of misinformation and BELIEVED I did have a choice, I COULD actually just CHOOSE not to drink, and boom that was all i had to do!!! I didn't need to undergo some rigorous insane program to save myself. I just had to rationally conclude that drinking is and was never in my best interest. It did not serve me well and it was causing severe problems in my life. My GRATITUDE for this program is beyond anything comprehensible as it taught me all I had to do was keep choosing to save myself. Is it always easy? No, I still struggle at times, but I have been found success here that I could not find anywhere else. So I just want to back you in your recommendation above and give my praise and shout outs along with you. This is a wonderful group and I feel so blessed to have found it!

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    Thank you for sharing your experience with SMART Recovery! You are inspiring. Congrats on all your successes now and going forward. Recovery is a journey that can be profoundly interesting and enlightening. It doesn't all have to be hard and a struggle.

    I believe one of the blessing in disguise in recovery is the opportunity to challenge our personal beliefs. Example: What makes me happy? What I need in order to get through the day or an event. Do I have control of my choices?

    SMART Recovery has tools and community support that encourages those challenges.

    SMART Recovery does not bash other programs and asks the members to not bash other programs. SMART Recovery's motto "Discover the Power of Choice"

    Best to you,
    "Discover the Power of Choice!"

    “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb

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Share this SMART Recovery Success Story!

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