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    Hey guys good morning. I'm known as bsandy and consider myself a regular on many Smart meetings. This program of recovery has changed my life. In September I was let go from my upper management level job and went straight into a pity party. Instead of using all of the Smart tools and strateies that i've learned,, I curled up in a ball and felt the old poor me . Then I picked up my doc, which is alcohol and went on a week long bnder. Long story short, it lasted a week but I checked myself into detox so I could detox safely and I'm now at home. While in detox, they helped me update my resume, create profiles on jobsearch sites and helped me to feel worthy again. I have two job interviews this week (they are not dream jobs) but at least I am out there again and I feel I will once again contribute to society and be able tohold my head high..
    I am not proud of mylapse after almost a year sobriety, but I have learned so much in that time and I know we never go back to square one. We are always moving forward and that is my intention. To keep moving forward.

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    I for one am extremely proud of you for using what you have learned here at SMART, getting off the ground, dusting yourself off and doing what needed to be done....

    That is an outstanding success!
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