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    Default 2 years alcoholi free

    Im here for another addiction but im also coming up on 2 years alcohol free , i had end stafge liver problems and i was a dead man walking in ICU, well i couldnt walk much back then , i was forced to quit and its been 2 years of abstinence , everybody shunning you and not really wanting the buzz kill around , but its so much better to wake up with a clear head and not nauseaous running tothe bathroom every few hours do become a loner , but it is better than being intoxicated day in day out blacking out and barely able to get to work , im glad i was able to get off the booxe train , even though they say your liver will never be the same and obviously took years off my life and i may well have reoccuring issues down the road with the damage i did but its good to still be alive and clear headed , I lost everything to alcohol , house , wife , kids , job ..but life goes on , ilve in a apartment with my dog , its a simple life , you can always buy monetary things but you cant buy your health back ..- Randy

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    Given the level of problems you were experiencing with your drinking - how fantastic that you have been 2 years sober. That is a wonderful achievement .....

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