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    Default A Not So Perfect High - Playing the Tape to the End of the Story

    Hi Everyone

    Well, we certainly are navigating some pretty rough waters right now during the Pandemic and thank goodness for the fabulous tools at Smart Recovery!

    I wrote the story for this short movie back in 2013 when I had what felt like an almost overwhelming urge to drink. Instead of drinking, I used a tool called Playing the Tape to the End of the Story that Dawg, an online facilitator taught me.

    Thank you Jim Villamor for the picture of the the Tree of Life at the beginning of the movie. And thank you David Sheriff for the beautiful and haunting music you played on the tin whistle.

    Take good care of yourselves over the holidays.

    Best to all of you


    The views and opinions expressed in this video are my own and not necessarily those of SmartRecovery®
    "The central human drama is not wanting the experience we are having"

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    Thank you for sharing that and your story...
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    I think I love this version even more than the last one.

    L&H, James
    I can't always make it better but I don't have to make it any worse.

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