I have been working Smart for only about a week. I have been clean and sober for many year but have struggled with a self harm behavior that other approaches have not been successful in addressing. Iíve been trying to stop this behavior for 4 years.

ive tried a recovery program specifically created for it but it has not worked for me.

So i tried Smart. I was dubious. After all, Iíve tried so hard for so long to stop this obsessive, compulsive destructive behavior.

But this is working! I know itís only a week and I did have a slip/lapse in that time but the tools are changing my values and perspective. Thatís whatís so exciting.

i CAN tolerate discomfort. The urges are difficult but NOT awful. This is a revelation!

i can look at my HOV and really see whatís important to me, and it really resonates.

And the abcís DO counteract my unhealthy thinking.

so far so good!