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SROL Meeting Keys

GENERAL Invites to everyone to participate if they choose, starting with a check-in about the status of their recovery, followed by agenets setting, discussion of each topic and a check-out limited in size, and does not offer Verifications.
DISCUSSION Generally larger meetings - up to 300 people; features no check-in; verifications offered. Discussion topics maybe set by the facilitator or suggested by meeting attendees.
FAMILY & FRIENDS Help for those with loved ones suffering from addiction learn how to care from themselves, a recovery process into itself, and help their loved ones seek treatment. No verifications provided.
SMM-S4V SMART Meeting Management (SMM) - Ongoing Facilitator Training & Support.
Open to trainees, recent gratuates, facilitators, hosts, and SROL volunteers. Bring any meeting or logistical issues related to meetings such as, finding meeting space, increasing attendance, challenging participants, etc. to brainstorm with seasoned facilitators and peers.
UK-GENERAL AND FAMILY & FRIENDS UK SMART Recovery General and Family & Friends meetings are hosted by UK SMART Recovery. To attend UK Meetings, you must register at the UK Website using th link in the calendar listing.
INTRO Learn about one of the 4-Point or have an overview of SMART Recovery on the SROL website with support from other at mutual help meetings. Verifications maybe offered -check meetinc schedule.
SPECIALITY Focus on specific addictions (e.g. sexual maladaptive behaviors, eating behaviors, etc. ), help individuals with a specific group (e.g. , military veterans, first responders, medical/mental health professionals, teens, college-age) or focus on a specific tool (Mindfulness and Meditation, Tool Time: in-depths review of one SMART tool/concept by the facilitator each week, Beginner's introduces the science behind the 4 Points of SMART Recovery and the tools to change behaviors). Activity/Process Meeting addresses wide range of behaviors. Verifications maybe offered, check meeting schedule .

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