Celebrate the Holidays Safely, Comfortably, Joyously

Celebrating the Holidays with Recovering Family Members and Friends Peter Gaumond, Chief, ONDCP Recovery Branch This time each year can be stressful for anyone, but the holidays present a special challenge for people recovering from a substance use disorder. Those in...

How to Help a Loved One Find Addiction Recovery

Alternatives for Family & Friends -Roxanne A., SMART Recovery® Facilitator Chances are you were never taught how to manage a relationship with someone who is struggling with a substance abuse problem. You may find that without the necessary skills, your role as a...

5 Warning Signs that Your Child is Abusing Drugs

…and some resources that can help By Trevor McDonald Red flags aren’t always glaring, especially when it comes to drug abuse. Are you concerned that your child is using or abusing drugs but aren’t sure what to watch out for? Guidelines such as falling grades or...

Talking With Your Loved One About Substance Abuse

5 Important Things To Consider By Rod Amiri, MD Let’s face it: discussing a loved one’s substance abuse can be uncomfortable and emotionally draining. While some loved ones actively seek treatment, many are reluctant to change and unwilling to have open,...

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