SMART Recovery Volunteer Month 2015

Support SMART Recovery Volunteers!

Each April, SMART Recovery celebrates Volunteer Month as a way to not only recognize the efforts of our many dedicated volunteers, but also to encourage others to help meet the demand to bring SMART Recovery to others and to share in the rewarding experience of volunteering.

A number of Volunteer Month Training Scholarships are available during Volunteer Month to provide training for those who qualify for financial assistance to cover the cost of the SMART Recovery Facilitator and Support Team Distance Training (FAST).

Volunteer Month Training Scholarships are available for local and online facilitators, message board volunteers, chat volunteers, and other volunteers that may benefit from the SMART Recovery FAST training.*

Applications for Volunteer Month Training Scholarships will be accepted during the month of April. If you have been considering volunteering at SMART Recovery, now may be your time to get trained, get involved, and experience the rewards of helping others make a difference in their own lives.


Volunteer Training & Scholarship Fund 2015

Fundraising Thermometer

Thank You, 2015 Volunteer Month Supporters!

You raised $6,069.50 this year for Volunteer Month, exceeding our goal of $5,625!

Funds raised during Volunteer Month provide valuable scholarships for those who could not otherwise attend SMART Training.

Your support is crucial to our mission of meeting the demand for more local and online SMART Recovery meetings!

We hope to see you next year!

If you'd like to donate at this time, please visit http://www.smartrecovery/donate


Online Volunteering

For the participants interested in volunteering in our online community, you can read the volunteer descriptions and apply to be a volunteer here. Prior to applying for these positions, please make note of the requirements!

Handout for Local Facilitators

Local Facilitators

Please provide these flyers (click on the image) to interested parties in your meetings.

Your qualified participants can apply for Volunteer Month Training Scholarships!



* Please note: Additional training may be required for some volunteer positions.
Australian and UK volunteers, contact your local office for details.

SMART Recovery® gratefully appreciates the support of the following organizations:

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