Conference Speakers and Presenters


SMART Conference 2013 - Richard Phillips - The Science of SMART Recovery


SMART Conference 2013 - Steve Hickman - Mindfulness


SMART Conference 2013 - Reid Hester - Overcoming Addictions


SMART Conference 2013 - Joe Gerstein - Values


SMART Conference 2013 - Presidents Message and Centering


SMART Conference 2013 - Pause Button and Trust


SMART Conference 2013 - International Updates


SMART Conference 2013 - Other Non-12 Step Approaches


SMART Conference 2013 - Relapse Prevention


SMART Conference 2013 - SMART Recovery USA


SMART Conference 2013 - Community Profiles


Part One of the Conference Slideshow

Part Two of the Conference Slideshow

Part Three of the Conference Slideshow


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Roster of Speakers and Presentations
Annual Conference 2013, San Diego CA
SMART Recovery


Featured Speakers

Dr. Tom Horvath Welcome and Opening Remarks President, SMART Recovery  
Richards Phillips The Science of SMART Recovery Director, SMART Recovery UK  
Dr. Reid Hester Research Findings of Overcoming Addictions Study Behavior Therapy Associates  
Dr. Stephen Hickman Mindfulness in SMART Recovery Asst. Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, CSPP  
Dr. Tom Hovath On the Road Ahead President, SMART Recovery  
David Saenz, PhD, EdM "No longer living in the box... now what? Locus of control and empowerment" David Saenz, LLC  

Other Non-12 Step Approaches

Laura M. Women For Sobriey (WFS)    
Jeff Cox Lifering    
(tba) SOS (Secular Organizations for Sobriety)    

International Updates

Josette Freeman Aboriginal SMART Recovery Communities Director, SMART Recovery Australia  
Richard Phillips SMART Recovery UK Update Director, SMART Recovery UK  
Curtis Boudreau SMART Recovery Alberta Director, SMART Recovery Alberta  

SMART Recovery USA

Shari Allwood Organizational Update for 2013 Director, SMART Recovery  
Patrick Garrett SMART Recovery Regional Coordinators SMART Recovery Chicago IL  
(tba) Specialized SMART Recovery Meetings    
Olive SMART Teen & Youth Program Teen & Youth Program Chair  
Ashley Phillips San Diego Local Activities AC Committee, Facilitator  
Suzy Whalen & Bill Abbott SMART Recovery Family & Friends SMART Recovery NE  
Hammer SMART Recovery Online Update Director, SROL Liaison  

Tools, Tips and Demos

Dr. Joe Gerstein Update on HOV (Hierarchy of Values) SMART Recovery NE  
Suzy Whalen & Bill Abbott "The Pause Button" SMART Recovery NE  
Dr. Henry Steinberger Re-establishing Trust in Recovery SMART Recovery Madison WI  
Dr. Hank Robb Centering vs Mindfulness SMART Recovery Portland OR  

Facilitation Skills

Dr. Guy Lamunyon Relapse Prevention SMART Recovery Sedona AZ  
Rod Allwood Conflict Resolution SMART Recovery Mentor OH  

Emcees, Activities, & Discussions

  Ashley Phillips, Brett Saarela, Patrick Garnett,    
  Olive, Jodi Dayton, Hammer, Alex and Vanna    



The SMART Recovery 2013 Annual Conference is Sponsored by:

AToN CenterMUSCALA Intensive Outpatient Therapy

Practical Recovery non-12 step rehab

Sunset Malibu rehabProminence Treatment Center

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