Supporters of SMART Recovery

Through the years, SMART Recovery has benefited from the financial support of many individuals and organizations.

We would especially like to thank:

Ongoing: Individual donors to SMART Recovery
Ongoing: Group donations forwarded to the Central Office by Meeting Facilitators
Ongoing: Our monthly website sponsors (see homepage for current listing)

1996: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (funding for creation of the Facilitators Manual, Handbook, and 5 regional training sessions)
1997: NIDA (funding to Inflexxion for creation of the InsideOut® program)
2003: SAMHSA (funding to create videos and host an annual training program)
2005: Community Coalition for Teens (for creation of SMART Recovery Teen Handbook)
2007-2010: Roxbury Foundation (for Annual Gathering Scholarships)
2008: Roxbury Foundation (for travel/exhibits at Michigan Drug Court Meeting and ASADS conference)
2009: ADDACTION, St. Gregory Retreat Center, and Practical Recovery for sponsorship of the Annual Gathering
2009: Foundation Beyond Belief (Big Bang Fund Recipient)
2010: NIH (funding to Dr. Reid Hester for creation of a SMART Recovery web course)
2010: The James Hervey Johnson Charitable-Educational Trust (funding for improvement and enhancement of the website and brand recognition)


SMART Recovery® gratefully appreciates the support of the following organizations:

              non-12-step rehab        Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Center