Correctional Facility Inmate Substance Abuse Programs

criminal justice inmate substance abuse treatmentFor many years, SMART Recovery has worked with correctional institutions throughout the United States to help provide SMART Recovery meetings for inmates as well as support meetings for those returning to communities.

Depending on circumstances, your facility may choose either to provide SMART Recovery InsideOut to your inmate population, or you may choose to provide a “general” SMART Recovery meeting. Our FAST Distance Training Program helps prepare counselors, officers and drug court officials to facilitate general SMART Recovery meetings.  Information about making the InsideOut program available in your correctional facility is included below.

SMART Recovery materials work equally well with male and female populations, work to lower recidivism rates, and provide a religion-neutral (non-religious) choice in substance abuse recovery, which is crucial to ensuring First Amendment rights are observed.


A SMART Recovery Correctional Substance Abuse Program

correctional inmate substance abuse treatmentInsideOut is a cognitive-based (CBT) program for inmate substance abuse treatment (offender rehab) in correctional settings, and is based around the 4-Point Program® of SMART Recovery. The primary goal is to prevent offender recidivism through a carefully designed and scientifically-based secular program designed for the criminal justice system.

InsideOut is used by drug courts, family "problem solving" courts, correctional institutions (jails, prisons), offender reentry programs, DUI diversion programs, and related aftercare programs. InsideOut can help your facility to quickly and inexpensively deliver a science-based and engaging substance abuse treatment program.


    • Trains Counselors in SMART Recovery
    • Developed with NIDA Support
    • Offers Versions for Male and Female Offender Populations
    • Allows You to Rapidly Deliver a Secular, CBT-Based Substance Abuse Program
    • Also addresses non-substance abuse problems
    • Self-StudyTraining for Counselors on Convenient DVD
    • Starter Package only $299 (choose male or female) and includes 10 Participant Manuals
      Additional Participant Manuals available in packs to 10.

From Corrections Today

InsideOut: A SMART Recovery Correctional Program for Inmate Substance Abuse"SMART addresses the offender's problems where they begin: in the mind. The program differs from 12-step regimens because it relies primarily on a cognitive approach and helps offenders take control of their lives by targeting ther thought patterns in very specific ways. This focus on cognitive change fits well with other correctional programs that focus on the root of criminal thinking errors. The ultimate goal is to prevent recidivism, which often ties directly into substance abuse relapse. Unlike AA and NA, the goals are accomplished in groups led by volunteer (facilitators), who are trained to guide the group process and assist participants in recognizing irrational thought patterns."

InsideOut® is a registered trademark of SMART Recovery®

Article about InsideOut

Read an article about SMART Recovery InsideOut being used in the Johnson City (TN) jail system.

InsideOut Starter Sets

Each Starter Package (available in male or female offender versions) provides materials for the SMART Recovery InsideOut program.




InsideOut Facilitator Manual Comprehensive guide for training correctional facility substance abuse counselors in the aspects of the 4-Point Program Self-guided training and protocols for conducting 36 InsideOut meetings
InsideOut Facilitator DVD Five segments explain the 4-Point Program, and show footage of SMART Recovery meetings with male and female offenders. Reviews important SMART Recovery techniques. Self-guided training on DVD
InsideOut Participant Workbook Describes SMART Recovery principles and provides exercises and homework assignments corresponding to each group topic. Handouts and homework for InsideOut meetings.
InsideOut Participant DVD
(Male or Female Version)
Three segments explain SMART Recovery principles, CBT, and preparation for release from the correctional system. Footage of SMART Recovery meetings and interviews are used to illustrate techniques. Motivational videos for InsideOut

Download (PDF) our InsideOut factsheet by clicking here or get our InsideOut Flyer here.

How To Order InsideOut

Order InsideOut products from the SMART Recovery Bookstore, or call our Central Office at 866-951-5357.

After the purchase of an InsideOut Starter Kit, packages of 10 additional Participants Manuals are available for only $79 + S/H.

InsideOut Sample Videos

Facilitator DVD Sample

In this short sample of the Facilitator Training video, Stages of Change are demonstrated to determine how to approach the participants, and to engage others in the group in the discussion.

InsideOut includes complete self-paced and convenient DVD video training for corrections counselors.

Participant DVD Samples

This video shows a participant in InsideOut using the ABC Tool to change the emotional outcome of a situation.

Male and female population versions of InsideOut are available. This is a sample of the female participant video.


For More Information on SMART Recovery InsideOut®

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