SMART Recovery Voice Chat Meetings

SMART Recovery offers voice chat meetings several times a week. You can use a PC, Mac, or Linux for voice chat, as long as your machine has Flash installed on it!

Check the Online Meeting Schedule for the dates and times of meetings.

Getting Connected

You can access the voice meeting page by selecting it from the drop down menu on the main page of the SMART Recovery Messageboard.


Select a Room

From this screen (below), you can select your meeting room by clicking on it:

select a room

Get Your Microphone

Click the microphone icon (as shown below) to enable your microphone:

get your mic

You're Ready to Chat!

Flash may ask for permission to use your microphone. Click 'allow' and you're ready to go!


If you're having difficulty with SMART Recovery Voice Chat, first...

- Make sure your speakers, microphone, or headset are plugged in and turned on!

- Update your version of Flash (or make sure you have it installed!)

If you continue to have trouble, please visit our Tech Support area on the SMART Recovery Messageboard!

Have Fun Chatting and Stay SMART!

SMART Recovery® gratefully appreciates the support of the following organizations:

                     non-12-step rehab        Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Center