Host Training for Discussion Meetings

Are you interested in helping others overcome addiction?

Would you like to help others in gaining an understanding of SMART Recovery tools by becoming a SMART Recovery Discussion Meeting Host?

SMART Discussion Meetings are designed to support individuals by providing a solid introduction into the SMART Recovery toolbox as well as a platform for lively discussion.

This information on this page lays out a roadmap for starting a SMART Discussion meeting in your community.

Welcome! We'd like to work together with you!

SMART Recovery Who We Are

Meeting Host Tasks

The following three tasks are required in order to run a successful SMART Discussion Meeting:

1) Reading the SMART-provided scripts to your group

2) Following a 60 minute agenda (with five sections) and staying on time

3) Enforcing three discussion guidelines (no lengthy statements, no advice, no off-topic discussions) by saying:

“It’s time to move on to the next person.”

“That sounds like advice. Could you phrase your idea as a suggestion, or relate your own experience?”

“This topic is not appropriate in a SMART Recovery meeting. Would you like to make a different statement?”

You can help improve the lives of many people. Complete this free Host Training, and experience the deep satisfaction of helping others overcome addiction.

SMART Recovery Who We Are

How you can become a Discussion Meeting Host

Below you will find the steps involved to become a Meeting Host, as well as suggested on-going activities.

Allow up to several hours to complete activities #1-6 below (which can be done in any order). We recommend several separate study periods, rather than attempting to learn everything at once.

Once you've completed 1 through 6, you're ready for #7-11.


Although it is not required, we'd love to hear about you! Then we can keep you informed about SMART training and other related activities.

Host Training Information


Become familiar with the Host Meeting Script (2 pages)

Host Meeting Script (PDF)

Read the SMART Recovery home page


Read the SMART Recovery position statements


Quick Start Facilitators Manual

This manual is 46 pages long. Please scan all of it (especially pages 17-31, which review the Tools) and read word-for-word the following sections, which are applicable to both Hosts and Facilitators:

Guiding Principles of SMART (pages 6-7)
Donations to SMART Recovery (pages 9-10)
Step 2: Finding a Meeting Location (pages 33-35)
Code of Conduct (pages 41-42)

Quick Start Facilitators Manual (PDF)

Meeting handout
(specifically for Discussion meetings; 1 page)

Host Meeting Handout (PDF)

Discussion meeting exercises, 1
(Especially for brand new meetings; 1 page)

           Discussion Meeting Exercises 1

Discussion meeting exercises, 2 (For established meetings; 1 page)

Discussion Meeting Exercises 2

Feedback form

Become familar with the online Feedback Form

How to Host a SMART Recovery Discussion Meeting

Read the text of our podcast about Discussion Meeings, or Listen to the podcast (below.)

How to Host a Discussion Meeting (PDF)


Podcast "How to Host a SMART Recovery Discussion Meeting" (or read the podcast text above)


If you are available, attend SMART Meeting Management on Wednesdays, 8pm to 9pm (Eastern time) in SMART Room #1 online (and on the last Saturday of the month, 3pm Eastern). No password nor participation during the meeting is required.

Purpose: To advance your meeting management skills, including following meeting guidelines, how to "Do SMART Recovery", and how to establish an accepting and non-judgmental environment in your meeting. 

It's also suggested to attend our various online meetings, webinars, and events. To see all SMART Recovery events: Online Meetings & Events

Create a username and password for this website. By logging in you have access to a wide range of SMART Recovery resources designed to support you in your role as a Host. Register on the SMART Recovery website


---Obtain a meeting mentor.

a) If you are near existing SMART Recovery meetings, contact a local facilitator.  Because Host Training is new to SMART Recovery (as of July, 2015), the facilitator may not be familiar with it. SMART Recovery meetings are listed here:

SMART Recovery Meeting List

News Article Regarding Hosted Discussion Meetings

b) If you do not have access to a facilitator (or if any other problem arises in finding a mentor), contact the SMART Recovery Central Office at

Please allow up to several days for a reply.

---Work with your mentor to find a meeting location, promote awareness of your meeting, and establish a start date.


Our Self Check Questionnaire will help you find what you
might have overlooked!

Self-Check Questionnaire

Self-Check Questionnaire Answers

Need Help? Email

Would you like to evaluate the Host Training to ensure that it meets the needs of our host training participants? Evaluate the Host Training


Once you have a start date, register your meeting. It will be listed (as a Discussion meeting) on this website. This listing will help increase attendance.

Hosted Discussion Meeting Registration


As needed, let your community know about your meeting. In addition to other resources you have for publicizing your meeting, provides the most comprehensive list of psychotherapists who do addiction work.

Psychology Today Instructions


---Checklist of what to bring to each meeting

What to Bring to Your Discussion Meeting (PDF)

---OPTIONAL: Give your meeting participants the link to provide meeting feedback online.

--OPTIONAL: Or, give your meeting participants this form (print out copies to take), and review results with your mentor

SMART Hosted Meeting Feedback Form


Send the “pass-the-hat” donations you collect (minus copying or other expenses) to SMART Recovery, using the address shown on the home page.


---Work with your mentor, and SMART Meeting Management, to review the feedback collected from participants, and to consider adjustments to how you host your meeting.

---Continue to attend SMART Meeting Management. Improve your meeting management skills, and stay connected to the SMART community!

---As you identify participants who enjoy meetings and participate meaningfully and helpfully in them, invite them to complete this Host Training. With more Hosts more meetings are available. You will also want others to host your meeting when you are unable to attend.

---Consider completing the SMART Recovery Facilitator Training, also online. There is a $75 fee for this course. You may pay for this training yourself, or save up “pass the hat” donations to pay for it. The course requires 20-30 hours of time, is self-paced over six weeks, and includes two scheduled online events (at 8pm Eastern). The course primarily focuses on understanding the SMART Recovery Tools. Reduced fee scholarships are available.

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