Discover the Power of ChoiceeBay Giving for SMART Recovery

eBay Giving Works was born when eBay saw a need to create an easy way for us, their customers, to help causes and nonprofits that matter to us. As of mid 2009, more than $126 million has been received worldwide through eBay Giving Works from eBay buyers and sellers.

SMART Recovery is registered as an eBay Giving Works nonprofit.

Did you know that by selling your previously loved items on eBay, that you can donate part (or all) of the final sale price to SMART Recovery?

Your contribution will help SMART Recovery by going toward supporting:

  • Our SMART Recovery Website
  • The SMART Recovery On-Line Message Board
  • Our Text Chat Rooms for open chat and on-line meetings
  • PalTalk for our voice meetings
  • Salaries for our Central Office Staff
  • Other Central Office costs

By listing your item with eBay Giving Works, and choosing SMART Recovery out of one of the 16,000 non-profit organisations using eBay Giving Works for their fundraising success, you will be helping to support the continued success of SMART Recovery.

Listing an item is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Select an item you would like to sell
  2. Select SMART Recovery as the nonprofit to benefit
  3. Specify the final sale price percentage you want to donate (from 10% to 100%)

Would you like to know more about listing an item or have another question?

Visit Giving Works at eBay and Get Started

Some important things to remember when eBaying for SMART Recovery

Currently only available in the USA and the UK eBay Giving Works currently has over 16,000 non-profits registered to receive benefits from the sale of items. So far, eBay Giving Works is only available for deductible donations and selection of benefit within the USA and the UK. eBay Giving Works is working on adding other countries and will notify us when they become available.

Minimum $5 donation

eBay has set a minimum donation amount of $5, regardless of what your item sells for. This is to ensure a meaningful gift will reach SMART Recovery. When several items from a single listing are sold, the minimum is applied only once.

Remember your privacy!

  • If your eBay username is the same as your SOL username, people may recognise you. If you post about your for sale item on SOL, people may recognise you if they are the ultimate winner/buyer. The winner (and only the winner) will know your address through the ebay closing-sale-payment system. If you're a newbie registering with eBay, please be aware you only have to complete the required "asterixed" fields


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