Welcome to SMART Recovery® Online!

Online meetings are held either in the text chat room or in PalTalk voice chat room.

To attend an online meeting you must first register on the message board for text meeting using the link below.

Once you are registered follow the instructions located here.

Our voice meetings use a seperate registration for information about our voice meetings Click here! Please read all of the instructions listed on the page.

SMART Recovery® online services include message boards and chat rooms, which allow you and other users and members to post information, provide feedback to SMART Recovery ®, and interact in real-time. In order to use the chat facilities, you must register first on the SMART Message boards. Then you can read and chat after you are logged in.

To register on the SMART Message Boards Click here!

If you are already registered on the SMART Message Boards
Click here to log in!

Once you are registered, log into the message board and then on the top left you will see the links for our chat rooms. chat menu

For text chat click on the link and it will take you to Recovery Chat. If you wish to go to a meeting then click on the "Roam" menu (upper left) and then you will see Room list, just pick the room you want.

chat-room (22K) buttons (38K)

Any and all use of the SMART Online facilities are in accordance with the SMART User agreement which can be found by clicking on this link
SMART Online User Agreement

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