Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers and Providers
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8/31/2012 1:36 PM
Sobriety Home Foundation
Sobriety Home Foundation
Catherine Cosgrove
2678 Route 138
Godmanchester, Quebec
H3R 2J8
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Heritage is a drug rehab, alcohol rehab, addiction treatment center, providing a high degree of care and comfort. We offer effective, evidence-based, psychotherapy along with medical and psychiatric treatment, a diverse offering of alternative therapies, excellent food and an engaging recreational program. We are organizing a SMART Recovery group in our area and will coordinate that with our innovative Aftercare program.

SMART Recovery® does not endorse or approve health care providers. SMART Recovery® Affiliated Professionals are drug and alcohol addiction treatment professionals or rehab facilities who recognize and support the SMART Recovery® program. Being a SMART Recovery® Affiliated Professional means that 1) in the Affiliate's opinion the Affiliate's philosophy of addiction treatment is similar to SMART Recovery's philosophy, 2) the Affiliate has requested to be listed here in support of SMART Recovery, and 3) the Affiliate regularly suggests SMART Recovery participation to clients/patients.

SMART Recovery® is grateful for the support of these Affiliated professionals and facilities.