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6/19/2013 12:58 PM
Your Empowering Solutions, Inc.
Mary Ellen Barnes, PhD., Edward W. Wilson, PhD., Program Director
Outpatient Treatment Facility
4020 Palos Verdes Drive North, Suite 201
Rolling Hills Estates
United States
Program Track
We offer a successful, individual, intensive outpatient program, with 5-day start and 90 days of follow-up. We specialize in working with educated, successful people between the ages of 38-65, who need positive, practical counseling to get back on track.

SMART Recovery® does not endorse or approve health care providers. SMART Recovery® Affiliated Professionals are drug and alcohol addiction treatment providers (professionals or rehab facilities) who recognize and support the SMART Recovery® program. Being a SMART Recovery® Affiliated Professional means that 1) in the Affiliate's opinion the Affiliate's philosophy of addiction treatment is similar to SMART Recovery's philosophy, 2) the Affiliate has requested to be listed here in support of SMART Recovery, and 3) the Affiliate regularly suggests SMART Recovery participation to clients/patients.

SMART Recovery® is grateful for the support of these Affiliated professionals and facilities.